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  • Specialized Wedding Services
    Interfaith ministers Revs. Virginia Surrell and Stan Jacobson perform non-denominational services in and around Palm Springs. View photos, licence information, and fees.
  • California Wedding Ceremonies
    Rev. Diana Davis-Lopez performs all types of wedding ceremonies in Sonoma county and northern California. Licenced marriage and family therapist.
  • A By-the-Sea Wedding
    Rev. Patt O'Brien and associates provide licenses and conduct weddings at the Monterey Stone Chapel, as well as in outdoor settings. Gives testimonials, FAQ and overview information.
  • Santa Barbara Wedding Ministers
    Information on Gloria Arenson and Laurence Brockway, non-denominational ministers for Santa Barbara and surrounding areas.
  • Sacred Circles
    Eileen Walsh creates and performs weddings and other ceremonies in San Francisco area.