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  • Wedlake Photographic
    We have a story to tell. Yours. Getting ready... that funny thing that happened in the car on the way to the ceremony... your first kiss as husband and wife .... It helps that there are two of us! Not only can we be in two places at once we can be in the same place with different angles, lenses and approaches. We are a husband and wife photography team with complimentary styles that blend beautifully. We love photographing weddings and are celebrating ten years of storytelling in 2009!
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  • Camera Lucida - Lifestyle and Commercial Photography
    At Camera Lucida we believe in the quality of our photography

    We provide a diverse range of photographic styles to suit your personality and sense of style. We will document your entire wedding experience, capturing treasured moments that can be passed down through generations. Photographs that stir a thousand memories and last a lifetime.

    We also understand that there is a lot to think about on the big day, and the last thing we want is something else to worry about. Our experienced photographers work subtly to ensure that the spirit and glamour of the day is reflected in a collection of superb photographs, leaving you to immerse yourself in the occasion.

    We dedicate time to get to know you and your partner before the wedding, ensuring that the photographs we produce are completely unique to you and true to the events of the day.

    We believe in taking natural and spontaneous photographs, not generic, premeditated shots. At consultation will discuss whether you want a photojournalist style or perhaps more editorial type of photography that you would like to showcase in your book.

    We work with you to take your photographs.

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  • How to choose professional wedding photographer
    Advice on how to choose a wedding photographer.
  • Photo Angels Wedding Photography Yorkshire
    Wedding Photography YorkshireWe are Yorkshire Wedding Photographers. There is a great mix of finest photography and graphic design skills as one of us has spent many years retouching and bringing pictures to live.
  • Shutternut Photography
    Located in Johannesburg, South Africa, and specialises in portraits, weddings, events, and sports photography.
  • Ambisuite Weddings
    AmbiSuite Weddings is a leading Denver photographer offering high quality wedding photography and wedding planning services throughout the Denver, Colorado.