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  • Knot Forever
    Wedding coordinator in Mumbai.
  • Banquet, The
    Services include photo/video, reception packages, church venues, wedding coordinator, and bridal cars.
  • C Creative Concepts
    Offers a wide variety of wedding packages and bridal services from simple and intimate arrangements to ultra-formal gatherings. Creates special wedding packages tailor-made to the individual preferences, tastes, needs and budget of their clients.
  • Wedding Planner Goa
    specializes in destination weddings for foreigners. Located in Goa, India.
  • thailand Weddings & Honeymoons
    Provide a wedding packages that includes accommodation, the venue, the reception (menu, cake, decor, flowers, etc.), a professional photographer, a custom-made, handcrafted wedding elements/decor , the honeymoon and personal concierge services to make wedding becomes Wedding Holiday.